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5 Pin Pro Audio SSW1

5 Pin ProAudio SSW1 5-Pin Female XLR to 3-Pin XLR Male Adapter with unique channel selection switch.

Most major camera manufacturers have all gone to a 5 pin XLR for camera audio output. So, to make it easier for you, 5 PinProAudio has come up with the SSW1, which lets you select channel 1 or channel 2 to be sent out to the 3 pin XLR.

The SSW1 is a 5 pin XLR to 3 pin XLR adapter with a switch in the middle. The operator can choose either channel to feed with a simple flip of a switch. When you need to get audio out of your camera, you don't have time to go digging through your gear bag you need it NOW. The SSW1 fits on the back of all major brand professional cameras. We put the SSW1 in a package that fits nicely in a shirt, or cargo pocket; it's only 4" and weighs less than your cell phone.

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If you need 20 or more, then please contact Dan directly for bulk orders by completing the contact us form.

 SSW1 "US Pat No. 7789684"

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