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5 Pin Pro Audio Consulting Projects


In 2008 Craig Swanson, then owner of creativeTechs of Seattle contacted 5 PinProAudio about getting a better microphone for some online classes they were doing from their small classroom in their office. 

Within a year they had become creativeLIVE, a worldwide learning environment that brought some of the best photographers and creative visual specialists together to teach their students.  From a weekly class on touching up photos to large multi day broadcast events, creativeLIVE continues to grow today.

We built every audio and video cable required to support all of the microphones, IFB, HDSDI video and DB25 to TRS multi track.  We helped design and build the broadcast path.  Perhaps the best part was bringing together a talented crew of some of Danís best friends and coworkers to help teach and support these huge broadcast events. 

5 PinProAudio is proud to have been there from the beginning and that we were able to help Craig with his dream.  Take a look at


5 PinProAudio is proud to be providing support for the Interactive Oceans, Visions11 underwater survey and science mission. Take a look!

We created and wired a custom HD Video and Audio patch system as well as specified microphones, mixers, monitors and headsets to be used for the 24 hour scientific recording as well as the LIVE broadcast.  

Stay tuned for the training classes and to hear commentary from the scientists LIVE from the middle of the pacific ocean.  Oh and listen for commentary from @edtheeditor in Video Control!

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