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About 5 Pin Pro Audio

5 PinProAudio is an independently owned company out of Shoreline, WA dedicated to creating solutions for audio industry professionals.  We created adapters to get around those pesky 5 Pin XLR problems that are a frustrating reality in TV Broadcast.   
5 PinProAudio Consulting and Engineering has been a part of designing and building Audio and Video infrastructures in and around Seattle.  From restaurant and bar sound systems to production suites to full broadcast facilities for radio and web broadcast, 5 PinProAudio has been a part of some amazing projects.  Take a look at the Consulting and Engineering page for some of the stories. 

Where did 5 PinProAudio come from?

The Inspiration behind 5 PinProAudio was born in 2005 days after Hurricane Katrina.  Dan Magden, the Owner was working as an engineer at a TV station in Seattle.  One of their crews was sent on an Air Force cargo jet to help in the evacuation of refugees from New Orleans.  Later the crew was in Houston and wanted to feed video and do a live shot from an affiliate truck.  Unfortunately the photo wasnít told about this and didnít bring the 5 pin cable supplied by the company. 

That afternoon Dan created his first 5 Pin XLR to 3 pin adapter and built a couple of them for that photo.  Station Management loved it and supplied all of their photogs with Danís adapters and they are still in use today.  That led to the 2007 founding of 5 PinProAudio!

Since then 5 PinProAudio has been pleased to bring to market the SSW1 switchable adapter and the Model 523 (because it goes from a 5pin to two 3 pin connectors, 5 to 3Ö get it,) two products that can make the life of a photo or sound guy just a little bit easier. 

Why arenít there any spaces in the PinProAudio?

Dan took a lot of graphic design classes in high school and college and loved the way it looked on the logo.  The heck with proper grammar apparently.

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