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5 Pin Pro Audio 523

At 5 PinProAudio, we believe in creating solutions to the everyday problems that
confront the film and broadcast community.

5 PinProAudio offers the Model 523. It's a little bigger than the SSW1 but it fills the need for both channels at the same time.


Model 523

The Brand New 5 PinProAudio Model 523b adapter!

  • This is THE MOST RUGGED 5 pin break out on the market today.
  • The Molded ends keep water and dirt out of the connectors!
  • The Molded center housing has built in strain relief to keep your cables safe and extend the life of your purchase!
  • The color coding is simple, BLACK is channel 1 (left) and RED is channel 2 (right). Never waste time trying to remember again. Plus the red helps you find it in the bottom of your gear bag!


All these things together ensure that your Model 523b adapter is going to work when you need it to.
This simply is the best 5 Pin XLR breakout on the market and is head and shoulders above the original Model 523.  Dan wasnít satisfied and just had to make some changes.  

In the world of News Gathering and professional audio things just have to work. 
This new Model 523b adapter gives you the best chance at success. 

Click here to BUY the 523 Model


If you need 20 or more, then please contact Dan directly for bulk orders by completing the contact us form.



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